June 16, 2009

Alone again

The house is too quiet. I did not get to hear the customary bathroom door slam as Connor starts his day. There was no listing of "what to do" today.

Last night I really had a tough time trying to find some busy work. At least I got to bed early. It is always a bit uneasy when Tina is driving all day and I am here. I whisper a lot of prayers for an uneventful journey and ask Mr. Christopher to intervene.

They made it to Kelso WA. In good time. They got to eat at one of the family favorite places. Connor had his travelling blanket and pillow, he was ready to go to Canada "No East, just North!" and he was looking forward to the "flying car" through Portland.

I have been popping Ibuprofen like mad due to an exercise injury on my neck. My foot is feeling much better so I am going to try the walk to work thing today (I got an ace bandage on said foot for some extra support).

It is going to be a quiet week while I think about Canada.

At least the news has some items that lift my spirit.


mom and dad said...

From Myrn:
You can comiserate with Doug come Saturday, this will be the longest we're apart in our 31+ years. Do you have a chiropractor or MD + Physical therapist to help you with your injuries? It's important to resolve problems b4 they become chronic. Love you and your family man heart bro!

Lee said...

I have an appointment next Monday.

flyingvan said...

Just don't take any nsaid's on an empty stomach....