June 21, 2009


So I am reading that you should cover the clocks in your bedroom and when you feel like falling asleep, do so. When you wake up, assess if your tired or not without benefit of a clock.

So last night around 10:00 I covered up the clocks and proceeded to read. I had cleverly put my wristwatch in a sock and when I got tired. I hit the timer.

I know I laid in bed for a bit before drifting off.

When the morning came, I felt tired so I went back to sleep. I believe this happened two more times. At that point I felt well rested so I got up. When I checked the clock it was 5:45. The timer on my watch showed 3 hours 21 minutes.


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flyingvan said...

What always works for me to fall asleep--
I imagine I'm sitting in front of a dry erase board. I draw a square. Then I draw a circle in the square. Then I write '100' in the circle. I imagine wiping it away, and starting again--Square, circle, this time 99. I make it to about 92 usually.