June 24, 2009

Quiet days

This AM I was greeted to silence, I had to shut the windows due to the cacophony of crickets and early morning birds. The bed was uncomfortably warm and kicking off the covers and cooling with the morning chill was nice. A glance at my clock offer proof that I awaken 15 minutes before my alarm has a chance. I debate waiting for the digital messenger to have a purpose, then I roll out of bed anyways. This was a six hour night, pretty good for me as of late.

Without concious thought I meander to the bathroom and turn the shower on. I have this little test of how tired I actually am. I reach across the shower and turn on the water. If I can pull my arm back and not get hit with the cascade of water, I am hitting on all twelve cylinders.

I do and I am. Good morning so far.

Shower, brush teeth, shave, smellies and pick out a shirt for the day. I like my nice assortment of Polo's a dressy T-shirt is a comfortable thing. I toss yesterdays pants into the laundry, after extracting the much too long belt from its loops. Undies on and clothes are tossed on the floor as I detour to microwave a cup-o-joe. While the whirring noise rotates my tall mug in a countdown dance of caffinated goodness, I am noticing how dead and grey the kitchen feels. Trevor did a good job cleaning up the room last night. He actually showed some pride in the job he did on his and Connors room last night. That gives me the first smile of the day.

A beeping noise, some sugar free hazelnut creamer and it is back to the desk and my morning bloodletting. My sugars are lingering around 100-110, which are good numbers, below 100 is better.

Coffee is nice and strong. The cup is drained much to quickly.

My morning pills packed in a small tin, ear-buds in and the local AM radio news playing in my ears, it is time to hike to work.

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