June 29, 2009

Deserving of tale told

The following is a tale of our adventures in the World of Warcraft.

It was pitiful, these once powerful Ogres milling around, not even taking notice. The one time terror they held was now a distant memory of another time. We ignored them as they did us. We went to this "Dire Maul" to return a book, for which we needed a key, to whit we needed to find a little impish demon.

The Ents packed a punch, though they fell quite easily to our prowess. We have walked on other worlds and honed our skills and craft far above these denizens abilities. It was in no sense a fair fight, or even a battle of note. We skirted many opponents. Then the oddness occurred. Being a bit too secure in his ability the Orc Gorlach attempted a leap across a gap in the suspended walkway. The brittle floor gave way and he plummetted downward into the soft foliage below. Some of the creatures, startled by his appearance attacked only to quickly be dispatched by the Warlock.

His bound demon servant (Thokthang by name) had started to give chase to his master, not by dropping down. Instead the void creature followed some ethereal directions that guided him along the labyrinth. Gorlach besieged sacrificed the void to gather some fortitude and finish off his foes.

High above, Boans and Tuuk pondered how to re-unite with Gorlach and gingerly traversed the less then solid precipice with Orc proven due caution. As they neared an Ent infested hallway and girded for battle, ladylike screams came wafting up from below. Panic, disbelief and laughter ended the life of Gorlach. Tuuk and Boans engaged another Ent, confident the fight would be short.

Little did they know the petulant screams from there companion was an onrushing wave of death. The void walker has an ability for making creatures angry. In its searching for Gorlach it aggravated quite a few denizens then when sacrificed switched their aggravation towards the Warlock. They moblike started the march towards.

Gorlach was taken unprepared for the ocean tide of creatures who promptly beat him about the neck and head until he gave up the ghost. Gorlach was actually bemused by this unlikely suicide he had foisted upon himself.

This group then turned its attention to Boans and Tuuk who were near toppling the Ent as as the group descended. Carefully weighing his options, Boans Hiked up his robes and ran as fast as his undead form could take him. He shouted words of encouragement to his Bovine companion, which faded into the distance. Boans had wispy memories from some long-forgotten past that crept into his undead brain as the pitch of the battle rose. First a bit of wisdom from who-knows-where: an avalanche of small grains will take down the mighty grasshopper. Adding to that, the cryptic phrase from a similarly unknown source: “Run, Forrest, Run!” The seemingly random thoughts nevertheless were enough to set Boans into action following a tactic from a mysterious song floating through his consciousness: “Brave, brave Sir Robin…”.
Even with vast experience and magical power, his undead legs had not gained speed over time. Boans could run no faster now then the last time he was in this structure. Worse yet, the enraged mob behind him was slightly faster than Boans. His only hope was to reach the portal through which he knew the crowd would not pass.
Two key pieces of magic were all that separate Boans from being torn apart by the mob. First, he had the ability to emit a circle of ice to freeze those closest behind him. This ability took time to recharge, but with each blast it bought Boans time by stopping the fastest of the pursuers. Secondly, Boans could teleport very short distances with another magical ability. Just as the hot breath of the chasing mob was upon him and fingers were starting to grasp at his robes, Boans would make a teleportation leap that would open another small gap from the increasingly enraged group in pursuit.
After a few nerve wracking minutes, Boans made his escape through the swirling portal that acted as a solid barrier to the angry denizens that were following. His undead mind quickly forgot the death of his companions behind him as the ghosts of Gorlach and Tuuk arrived for another attempted penetration of the structure.

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Thanks to Robert G. for the second half section of this essay.