June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson

The rumor\innunedo\gossip\slime\sleezeball\speculation\conspirac\culture Stock market has rung the bell. The "company in question?" Michael Jackson.

We hear how tragic he was, how talented he was, what an Icon he was... All hail the king! That all might just be true, there are certainly more then enough known facts justify his talent and his tragedy. He was a flawed human being.

However, I am finding the polarization of one aspect rather curious. That is the allegations of inappropriate behavior. Crime of which he was exonerated. Was that due to him being rich? or being innocent? If you bother to read the various documents from the trial, you will find a lack of any credible evidence.

Add a couple more arguments into the pot and I think you can see my point. First off the McMartin Preschool debacle. That case shows how difficult it is to get accurate eyewitness testimony from kids.

Next in speaking as a parent, I would NEVER settle a case against someone who molested my child. I would NEVER accept payment over a chance at justice. IMHO if you accept money from someone who molests your kid, that makes you vile and the definition of evil.

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keeka said...

very good point Lee. Michael Jackson even commented on why he decided (or his lawyers did) to settle. For him to pay the money didn't neccessarily mean he did it, it was just a matter of getting it gone.
But I agree totally on the last statement...since when does money fix a traumatic experience for your child?