June 06, 2009


It certainly is uncertain times. Some of the plans out there have the appearance of bad fiscal idea's that stagnate investment and job creation. Opposition viewpoints are not analyzed, they are dismissed via the origination. Even the subjective nature of humor can be met with villification if it dares cross certain boundries. The Fourth estate has become state media in its blinded onesided devotion.

Locally we have 19% unemployment, falling county and state revenues and more and more looking to the Federal Government for "help". This is a time of sacrifice, we are told, by those who are not leading by example, rather the opposite.

It all comes back to we the people. in a democracy, you get the politicians you deserve. If you start from the proposition that politicians are crooks, you will eventually make that proposition true. If you complain but do not participate in the voting process at a minimum you loose any moral authority.

As we see the current administration spending more and more borrowed money and blaming it on the previous administration, you have to wonder when that finger pointing rings hollow.

To me it seems like there is this hole that need filling and we are all being forced to buy shovels to dig it bigger, so it will fill in nicer...

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