June 20, 2009

"Head!" Pants, NOW!

Today I am wearing 20 year old pants that are brand new. About the same time Sgt. Pepper was teaching the band to play, my wife went to the Broadway and purchased me some Dockers. Unfortunately I had gained too much weight to wear them.

They were nice pants and we opted to put them in the closet till I lost the weight. I guess that was till now. At 218 they fit nicely and despite the fact they hid themselves quite well, Tina was able to wrest them from hiding into viability.

I'm pretty sure this is the longest something of mine has gone from purchase to useage.


keeka said...

Awesome, Lee! Good to know that if we keep certain things long enough, they will either fit again, or come back into style!
Dockers are pretty timeless so the fit was the goal and you did it!
I am still waiting on some things to fit again, but sadly I doubt that will evey happen...sigh...

keeka said...

Hi Lee!
Just wishing you a Happy Father's Day! I know you don't have some of the kids there but make the best of it and have fun with Trevor!

MadMike said...

Congratulations Lee! I am working on getting back into a size 36. I am right at 215 and want to get back down to 190.

Lee said...

What are the Odds, I'm 218 working on getting down to 190 as well.

Thats a deficit of 98,000 calories I need to create.

Which I calculate at around 18 more weeks. (assuming I stay at my average of 5400 deficit a week)