June 09, 2009


Seems to be bike year.

With some oddball injury to my arch and walking being difficult I have been riding the bike to and from work. I have an idea in the back of head about riding to various spots here in Oregon for fun and exercise. I am not ready to do that, but I am thinking.... soon... soon!

Trevor, as reported earlier, was almost crushed by a truck. He escaped harm but his bike was destroyed. he got a newer, better, nicer one on the cheap via a local pawn shop. My daughters bike was stolen over the weekend, while she was at collage.

In her case she was not actively using the bike. It has been locked up static for a while. The thieves took the fence as well. I guess her lock worked. She has been interested in getting inline skates. I was not thrilled with the idea as her prowess with said skates is not that good. However, school is out and she is heading up to Canada with Tina and Connor, that would give her a good chance to strap them on and learn the in's and out's of blading.

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