June 17, 2009

Computer Family

I like computers. Going back to 1976 working on a PDP-8 Teletype set up (I even had the awesome yellow, oil impregnated, computer tape).

There is a stark contrast between my siblings degree of computer knowledge. Recently it was brought to my attention how odd my family's Computer to TV ratio was.

We have one Television (there is a second, it is a Wii monitor, more then a TV). Not counting the computers in storage we have seven active systems. One for every member of the family and two laptops. We recently added a second pay-as-you-go, cell phone for Trevor, I myself and Tina have not owned one.

You would think such a high tech family would be sporting the latest in cell phone fashion? Nope.

I actually see cell phones as a bane to my existence. I do not want to be that connected. There are times when it would be handy to have one, I suppose. Still we continue to function fine without one.

About the time I start pondering the acquisition, I observe some hapless fool in the store going aisle by aisle with the phone glued to his ear asking if he should purchase item after item on the shelf. In other words this marvel of modern communication allows him to go to the store while the person on the other side of the conversation is doing the "shopping".

Seems a paper and pencil list would be a better option.

If your a businessman. Understood, thats the nature of business today. I really think having a "turn off time" is paramount. So I remain blissfully unfettered by cellular plague.

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Myrna said...

A cell phone is a tool. Mine lives in the car for my convenience. I give the number to only a select few, and have to instruct them, that on most occaisions I cannot be reached by it. I've been in situations where it has benn a lifesaver---so I'm happy to have it. But most times you see one in use, people are just being rude. I don't want to be like that. The worst is seeing a couple out to dinner and one talking on the phone, rather than to each other. Argh!!