June 13, 2009

Fitness Goal setting

In all honesty, I have not put that much thought into what I want to do.

I like skating, I enjoy swimming, rock climbing was always fun for me. Doing a Marathon at least once would be nice. Playing some sport. If I lived someplace with Ice I would really like playing hockey or try curling. They have soccer, softball, baseball and bowling. None of which really sounds "fun." Kayaking or other river sports does sound fun, its seasonal. There is some MMA in the area, but I would not want to compete due to the punshing aspect, although I do admit to having a bit of interest in that.

I want to be stronger and have more 'wind'. I guess thats a goal...

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flyingvan said...

Can you mix it up, or do you feel like you need something routine? Also, any access to free weights anywhere? It really rounds out a program.. The big thing at work now is the circuit training. There are four different workouts, requiring very little equipment, 30 minutes intense workout.