June 18, 2009

As sayeth the bard Für möglicherweise zu träumen

That probably is a horrid translation. I guess it has been a while since I get to hang around the house by my lonesome. Tina is on vacation, she has Connor and Diana up in Canada with her.

Trevor is busy with a musical and some chores and hopefully finding a job, so I tend not to see him until bedtime. Which is an issue I had almost forgotten.

Sleep eludes me when my family is away. It is the damnedest thing. I was sitting down, getting the nods, last night. I rousted myself to bed, as I laid down. BOOM! wide awake! Some conditioned response? I'm not sure.

So far I am averaging four hours of sleep since Sunday night. I feel fine and I have not noticed an impact on my work. For whatever reason my circadian rhythm believes I am living on Neptune or something. I stared a Novina, last night without much intervention from Saint Joseph (or Saint Jude for that matter).

I guess it is just an odd psychological phenomenon.


Tina said...

So, basically I'll get home, and you'll go to sleep? Heh.

Diana & I are usually exhausted by the end of the day. Yesterday we both had our turns chasing Connor around the swim centre. He had a great time, and he's been good about letting me sleep until 7:30 before he starts squeaking with delight at being in Canada.

And the title of this post is 'for perchance to dream' - right?

flyingvan said...

Go rent the movie 'Cash Back'. It applies very well to this post, and it's a sleeper film few have heard of. You'd like it.