June 23, 2009

Summer Entertainment fare

We saw the new Trek film (liked it). Saw the new Pixar film (liked it).

There is the New Harry Potter film. After that it looks pretty bleak.

GI Joe, may be fun. There is the Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds. Julia and Julia might (long shot) lure me in to buy a ticket.

Usually with economic downturn there is an increase at the box office. I'm guessing that is only if the studio's put something on the screen that people want to see.

I am sure there is some good word of mouth, type film that will capture my $4.50. In the meantime, films I missed that are now on AMC and FX. Burn Notice and Doctor Who specials will have to fill the bill. Maybe its a good time to pick up a sport?


keeka said...

wish I could see the latest Harry film with you all, I will have to scrounge to find someone to go with or I will have to wait til it comes out on DVD (GASP!) I just hate going to the theater alone!

Lee said...

Just plan a date night, you and Kirby hit a Mexican restaurant (for him) then Potter film (for you).