June 12, 2009

This old body

Started off with a weird landing while on the trampoline. I pulled it further doing a bridge exercising. Then made it worse by stretching.


The high point of the arch of my foot has a muscle knot and the bone or ligiment directly above that point can have a sharp pain when walking or stretching.

..More Joy!...

After riding my bike (due to my foot) to work, I noticed some ache with either tensor fasciae latae or vastus lateralis where it connects to the bone near the top of the knee.


So what the heck is happening here? Its like I am falling apart. As my wife warned me I was doing too much too soon. My old HS buddy who got me on this health and wellness kick pontificated the same: "Train for a while at one level before raising the bar or adding anything new. And then only a tiny bit (or one small thing) at a time. You are moving stuff that hasn't been moved. Take it slowly and tendons will get re lubricated and find their way back into the track"

While I was walking to and from work. I was trying to increase my speed, even sprinting the uphill portions. With my bike riding, again I was pushing the envelope going up over the hills. Even with the body weight exercises, doubling and tripling the number of reps quickly. I was even annoyed with myself for not increasing at a quicker level.

Looks like patients is yet another personal challenge. Which is pretty amusing seeing as how I have been very patient with my 2 lbs a week average loss. So now I am going to figure out a better slower progressive program. Starting with healing up.


keeka said...

Ok, here goes....some good advice...STOP IT!!! Not all together of course, but listen to those that know! You ARE doing too much! I have found that same problem in anything I try to do that I haven't done in a while. Um...like going under a Limbo stick! I bend ok, but getting up is a whole other thing! Ouch! I was sore for three days! And I still have a dull ache in my back from it! I hate to say it but at this point (anywhere over forty) we do seem to fall apart. It is especially hard for those of us who still feel (mentally) as though we are still in our 20's or 30's. Good luck with the healing and you look Mahvulous!

Tina said...

I guess I've taken enough aerobics classes (at least 100 hours) to have heard over & over - increase your exercise gradually.

It wasn't as bad when we were younger, but I did try to be aware of when I started to hurt. If I could feel it while I was exercising, it was going to be worse when I was recovering from the exercise.

When I was doing it right, I would only feel a little sore afterward (next day) to know I'd used those muscles. Now, that's for aerobic exercise - for weight training, it's different.

I think you are more experienced with weight training, and you never had to think much about your aerobic exercise - when we were young we COULD dance for 4 hours straight - roller skate for 3 hours straight - bicycle however long it took to get there.

Yep - we're getting older!