June 07, 2009

Cousin Daniel

Daniel is my nephew, more specifically he is my sisters youngest. He is closest in age to my, Trevor and Diana. He graduated high school today and he is already set to head off to Collage in the fall.

This was a great graduation ceremony, followed the next day by a party at my sisters place. Tina the kids and I got to spend the grad night there. All of my brothers and sisters were in attendance and its really nice to see and have that kind of family support.

I believe my Mom and Pop have made it to every graduation, that is 12 out of 13 grand kids (leaving my youngest Connor). Quite the legacy.

So Congratulations Daniel, you have my admiration for such a successful High School experience, your family has much to be proud in you. We are eagerly waiting to see what adventure the future holds for you.

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