February 01, 2010

Better TV

I am a fan of Television that does more then just fascinate by glowing.

Ghost in the Shell deals with complex subjects indirectly that really push the concept of self, I really enjoy the show.

It revolves around a law enforcement division, Section Nine, that deals with terrorism, international intrigue and gristly homicide (this is NOT Pokemon).

This world has developed all encompassing technology including cybernetic bodies. The main character, the Major, (pictured) was a total cybernetic transplant. In other words, they uploaded her mind into an artificial body.

This is where the entire concept of self is put on its head. Is the person you are a set of data? While an organ like the brain is something so miraculous, duplication is highly improbable, we have seen such wonderful advances in computer science that make conception of an artificial brain believable in context.

So assuming that a complete replacement for a human brain function is possible. What does that mean for individualism? Spiritualism? Self and soul?

It can be quite the conundrum as a thought experiment as we know data can be duplicated and stored.

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