February 08, 2010

President Palin

Okay, so get this. There was a convention of the Tea Party which is for fiscal responsibility in government. Sarah Palin gave a great speech. This has caused the MSM to become unglued.

And the major unglued story I read today? She jotted some hand notes for the speech. There is something truly amazing about Sarah and her ability to drive liberals over the top nutzo.

She has unleashed some amazing unprecedented media responses from her Facebook postings. It seems to go like this. She issues a statement, the MSM gears up the attack team. People, most of whom are savvy to this hatred, figure out what she means and scoffs at the press. Sarah becomes more popular and the state run media is left scratching its head on what just happened.

The idea around these stories is that Sarah is unsophisticated and a "Dumb Hick". Most of us jott something down on our hands at some point. It is a smart thing to do, as you will not leave your hand on your desk when you need that info.

I suppose the more intellectually elite thing to do would be to set up a higher tech method of note cribbing. I mean, that would not look as silly right?

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