February 11, 2010

Boardum entertainment.

Think back to a simpler time where there was no TV, Radio, Electricity etc. For a mid-western farm family the workday started early and it was a heavy load gathering all the needed items for the days meals and sundries. With an every watchful eye on the coming winter and having enough supplies on hand. If you did not have enough canned goods or energy sources, chances of your family dying during a harsh winter was certain.

Entertainment consisted of fairs and festivals held in the local community. Very often a family would call upon its own resources. This was not a nightly 6:00 to 11:00 fare. Which means it was something to look forward too.


flyingvan said...

....but there was no boredom. Or 'fibrmyalgia'. Or chronic fatigue syndrome. Or post traumatic stress. There was much more contentment.

keeka said...


I know that I would miss a lot of the creature comforts that we have now, but every once in a while (especially when the power goes out) we are able to see what it is like with some of those comforts compromised. The kids feel like we are "in the olden days", hehe.
Usually, we play a board game and make some cocoa and popcorn on the gas stove. We also enjoy time away from technology when we go up to our Oak Glen retreat every year.