February 05, 2010

Crazy is as Crazy does.

Discussion on Flying Van and Shoo's blog reminded me of a Froggy story.

His dad (I believe as my sieve like brain tells me) was working with a gentleman with a mental disorder. The nature of this disorder manifested itself in the gentleman assuming he was dead. He walked around and spoke and did all the normal everyday things. He would just purport to be demised.

During the course of discourse Froggy's dad came up with a hypothesis he presented.

"Tell me, dear sir, can dead people bleed?"

"Can dead people bleed? Of course not! are you mad?"

"Seeing as how your dead, we should do a pin prick test on your finger to prove to me your state"

The man agreed and a pin prick later the blood did flow. The man was quite taken aback and stared at the crimson liquid as it slowly flowed.

"Amazing, what do you know! Dead people DO BLEED!"


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