February 11, 2010

Wisdom of Shoo

Shoo Prophetically stated that "It would take another Ice Age to dissuade the Man Made Global Warming zealots" (note: heavily paraphrased).

Washington DC is having quite the snow storm. RBG can provide a first hand account if you do not believe this to be true. (*I am taking great care to be factual and verifiable here).

Freedom Eden did a hit piece on Contessa Brewer from the (quote)"unbiased"(unquote), news Organization MSNBC. She presses the meteorologist to take a swipe at Jim DeMint who recently tweeted "He says the snow will continue 'until Al Gore cries uncle.'".

The reasoned response:
RAPHAEL MIRANDA: Well, it's an interesting point. Global warming skeptics love to say, 'Oh, it's snowing. What happened to global warming?' But there is a school of thought that says global warming will provide more moisture to the atmosphere, which will allow for bigger snowstorms like this one. So really, it depends on which school of thought you attest to, but it could go either way.

Which, to me, speaks highly of Mr. Miranda as being fair and balanced.

So lets harken back over a year where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blogged about the winter season no longer bringing snow or cold to DC. David Freddoso, takes him to task here.

As flying Van facebooked "If you have any pre conceived notion, you'll cling to the things that support 'your' side and spin/deny/ignore the things that don't. Worst offender in my opinion is the IPCC."

To which RFK's unintended response: "Idiots on the right like Rush [Limbaugh] like to point to any cold-weather anomalies as proof that global warming doesn’t exist,"

Which misses the point so amazingly, ignorantly, it is cause to laugh.


flyingvan said...

THe NEW spin---there is a big difference between the climate and the weather. Also, Spring and Summer are coming earlier, proven by the (gasp! Oh No!) extended crop growing seasons. So, the weather's getting colder but the climate's getting warmer. Black is white, up is down, and the real root problem with debt is, you're not spending enough!
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shoo said...

One wiser than I, a Dr. Walter Williams, said that even if the permafrost extends as far south as New Jersey, there would still be people worried about global warming.

While it is true that abnormally cold events can also be attributed to climate change, I would expect there to be more warm related events than cold events, which clearly there have not been in the last few years.