February 14, 2010

WoW Holiday

There are holiday activities in Azeroth. Two are overlapping this year. To Honor Ones Elders starts up today. It has to be among the most annoy quests ever. You have to travel everyplace...

Here is a list, in order, of what you do:
  1. Begin in Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra.
  2. Pamuya the Elder can be found in Warsong Hold.
  3. Sardis the Elder is just outside the Alliance city of Valiance Keep.
  4. Travel to the DEHTA Encampment for Arp the Elder.
  5. Go to Amber Ledge then fly to Transitus Shield where you will find Northal the Elder.
  6. Enter The Nexus and find Igasho the Elder. He is located near Ormorock the Tree-Shaper.
  7. Fly to the Agmar’s Hammer and find Skywarden the Elder.
  8. Go to the Alliance town of Star’s Rest in Dragonblight. In this area you’ll find Morthie the Elder.
  9. Enter the Azjol’Nerub instance and find Nurgen the Elder. He can be found just after the second boss after you fall through the hole.
  10. Fly to Moa’ki Harbor in Dragonblight and speak with Thoim the Elder.
  11. Fly to New Agamand in Howling Fjord and enter Utgarde Keep to find Jarten the Elder. He is beyond the first boss but before the second.
  12. Enter Utgarde Pinnacle and find Chogan’gada the Elder. He is under the stairs after Skadi the Ruthless.
  13. Fly to Camp Oneqwah in Grizzly Hills and find Whurain the Elder.
  14. Travel eastward to the Ruins of Tethys on the shoreline and talk to Lunaro the Elder.
  15. Go northwest to the Alliance town of Westfall Brigade Encampment and talk to Beldak the Elder.
  16. Fly to Gundrak in Zul’Drak and enter the instance on heroic mode. Find Ohanzee the Elder in the same area as Eck the Ferocious.
  17. Fly to Zim’Torga in Zul’Drak and speak with Tauros the Elder.
  18. Fly to Light’s Breach and go south to enter Drak’tharon and find Kilias the Elder inside King Dred's pen.
  19. Fly to K3 in the Storm Peaks and talk to Graymane the Elder.
  20. Fly to Camp Taunka’lo and find Muraco the Elder.
  21. Travel to the Alliance town of Frosthold and find Fargal the Elder.
  22. Fly to Ulduar and enter the Halls of Stone and find Yurauk the Elder in Krystallus' area.
  23. Fly to Bouldercrag’s Refuge and speak with Stonebeard the Elder.
  24. Fly to River’s Heart in Sholazzar Basin to talk to Sandrene the Elder.
  25. Just north of River’s Heart is Rainspeaker Rapids where you’ll find Wanikaya the Elder.
  26. Travel up into Wintergrasp and find Bluewolf the Elder inside Wintergrasp Fortress. Note that your faction needs to control Wintergrasp.
  27. **Elders of Northrend Complete!**
  28. Fly to Dalaran and take the portal to the Caverns of Time.
  29. Travel to Gadgetzan in Tanaris and talk to Dreamseer the Elder.
  30. Go to the Mirage Raceway in Thousand Needles and speak with Morningdew the Elder.
  31. Go back to Tanaris and enter the Zul’Farrak instance where you’ll find Wildmane the Elder in Gahzrilla’s area.
  32. Ragetotem the Elder can be found in Southern Tanaris at the Valley of Watchers.
  33. Travel to the Slithering Scar in southern Un’goro Crater to find Thunderhorn the Elder.
  34. Fly to Cenarion Hold in Silithus and speak with Bladesing the Elder.
  35. Travel to the northwest corner of the zone, the Crystal Vale, where you will find Primestone the Elder.
  36. Fly to Freewind Post in Thousand Needles and find Skyseer the Elder.
  37. Fly to Camp Mojache in Feralas and go north to Lariss Pavilion where you will find Grimtotem the Elder.
  38. Travel to Dire Maul in Feralas and find Mistwalker the Elder. Note that she is NOT inside the instances. She is inside the sub-zone.
  39. Fly to Shadowprey Village in Desolace then travel to Maraudon. Enter the instance and locate Splitrock the Elder, in the tunnel between Rotgrip & the Goblin.
  40. Fly to Thunder Bluff and speak with Elder Ezra Wheathoof on the Elder Rise.
  41. Travel to Bloodhoof Village to find Bloodhoof the Elder.
  42. Fly to Camp Taraujo in the Barrens and talk to High Mountain the Elder.
  43. Fly to Ratchet and find Windtotem the Elder.
  44. Head to the Crossroads and speak with Moonwarden the Elder.
  45. Travel to Razor Hill in Durotar and talk to Runetotem the Elder.
  46. Travel to Orgrimmar and find Darkhorn the Elder in the Valley of Wisdom.
  47. Speak with a Lunar Festival Emissary and get the quest The Lunar Festival.
  48. Then go turn in to a Lunar Festival Harbinger to turn in.
  49. From the same NPC, get the quest Lunar Fireworks.
  50. Festival Firecrackers can be purchased from the Lunar Festival Vendor in any major city. Purchase 10 and throw them as fast as you can. **Frenzied Firecracker Complete!**
  51. Red Rocket Clusters are purchased from the Lunar Festival Vendor in any major city. Purchase 10 and use a nearby launcher to fire them off as fast as you can. **The Rocket’s Red Glare Complete!**
  52. Complete and turn in the quest Lunar Fireworks if you haven’t already.
  53. Get the quest Valadar Starsong.
  54. Purchase 20 Green Rocket Clusters from the Lunar Festival Vendor.
  55. Take the Zeppelin to Grom’gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale then go to Zul’Gurub just outside the instance and speak with Starglade the Elder.
  56. Travel to Booty Bay and talk to Winterhoof the Elder.
  57. Fly to Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows and enter the Temple of Atal’Hakkar. Take the spiral staircase on the left and hug the left wall until you locate Starsong the Elder.
  58. Travel to the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands where you will find Bellowrage the Elder.
  59. Travel to the Alliance town of Sentinel Hill in Westfall and find Skychaser the Elder.
  60. Travel to the Alliance town of Goldshire in Elwynn Forest and talk to Stormbrow the Elder.
  61. Enter the Alliance Major City of Stormwind and find Hammershout the Elder in The Park.
  62. Fly to Flame Crest in Burning Steppes and talk to Dawnstrider the Elder.
  63. Rumblerock the Elder can be found in Dreadmaul Rock.
  64. Travel into Blackrock Mountain. Enter the Blackrock Spire instance and find Stonefort the Elder after the first rope bridge in the Lower side of the instance.
  65. Enter the Blackrock Depths instance where you will find Morndeep the Elder in the Ring of Law.
  66. Travel northward into Searing Gorge to the Blackchar Cave where you will find Ironband the Elder.
  67. Fly to Kargath and travel to the Alliance town of Thelsamar in Loch Modan. Speak with Silvervein the Elder.
  68. Travel to the Alliance town of Kharanos in Dun Morogh and speak with Goldwell the Elder.
  69. Enter the Alliance Major City of Ironforge and talk to Bronzebeard the Elder in the Mystic Ward.
  70. Fly to Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands then head westward to the Creeping Ruins where you’ll find Highpeak the Elder.
  71. Go north to the island of Caer Darrow in Western Plaguelands to speak with Moonstrike the Elder.
  72. Travel to the Weeping Cave in Western Plaguelands and find Meadowrun the Elder.
  73. Go to the Eastern Plaguelands and enter the Stratholme instance and find Farwhisper the Elder in Festival Lane.
  74. **Elders of the Dungeons Complete!**
  75. Travel to the Crown Guard Tower and talk to Windrun the Elder.
  76. Continue on to Light’s Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands and speak with Snowcrown the Elder.
  77. Fly to the Undercity and find Darkcore the Elder in the center area near the bank.
  78. **Elders of the Horde Complete!**
  79. Travel to Brill in Tirisfal Glades and talk to Graveborn the Elder.
  80. Fly to the Sepulcher and talk to Obsidian the Elder.
  81. **Elders of Eastern Kingdoms Complete!**
  82. Use your Lunar Festival Invitation to teleport to Moonglade then go turn in your quest.
  83. Get the quest Elune’s Blessing.
  84. Travel to the Stormrage Barrow Dens (65, 65). Use your green rocket clusters in the rocket launchers and target Omen Minions. Eventually, you will get Omen to spawn. He’s a big, white, two-headed hound. You do not need to tag him first and you do not have to be in the same raid or group in order to get Elune’s Blessing for killing Omen. You only need to be some-what near him when he goes down. Turn in the quest when complete! **Elune’s Blessing Complete!**
  85. You can now do quests, Festive Lunar Pants Suits or Festive Lunar Dresses, from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade for this achievement. It will cost you 5 Coins of Ancestry for each quest…which you should have already. ** Lunar Festival Finery Complete!**
  86. Fly to Everlook in Winterspring and find Stonespire the Elder.
  87. Travel to Lake Kel’Theril to the west and talk to Brightspear the Elder.
  88. Fly to Venom Post in Felwood then travel southward to Jaedenar where you will find Nightwind the Elder.
  89. Fly to Valormok in Azshara. Skygleam the Elder can be found at the Ravencrest Monument on the far southeastern tip of land.
  90. Fly to Zoram’gar Outpost in Ashenvale then travel to the Alliance town of Astranaar and speak with Riversong the Elder.
  91. Travel north to the Alliance town of Auberdine in Darkshore. Starweave the Elder is nearby.
  92. Sneak aboard the Alliance boat to the Alliance Major City of Darnassus. Bladeswift the Elder is in the Cenarion Enclave in Darnassus.
  93. **Elders of the Alliance Complete!**
  94. Travel to the Alliance town of Dolanaar in Teldrassil and speak with Bladeleaf the Elder. **Elders of Kalimdor Complete!**
  95. 50 Coins of Ancestry! You have now recieved all the possible coins from the Elders in Azeroth.
The holiday achievement should now be complete!


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