February 10, 2010

Presidential appeals for bipartisanship means: do it my way!

There are a couple of disconnects between fact and fiction when it comes to congress. Republicans were an inferior minority in the senate until recently. Same with the House. Which means there is no way they can overcome a party line vote. In other words the Republicans, were rendered null and void in the bill passing process. Yet, I keep hearing at how they blocked legislation and Obama at every turn. Lets say your playing in the super bowl and you have a full healthy team. The other side (Republicans) have a two man squad and they are holding you to near zero yardage.

One would wonder what was up with the players and the coach.

This leads into the second disconnect. Bi-partisanship. You will hear liberal pendants say time and again how the Obama administration has tried time and time again to reach across the aisle an unprecedented number of attempts only to be shunned. While you hear the conservatives tell of being locked out of the process and not included. How can it be both?

Mark Knoller wrote about this very thing. The liberal idea of bi-partisanship is for the Republicans to do exactly what they say. Which, there is no real reason to support anything the Democrats are pushing. Unless, of course it is good for the people of this great nation.

Which really does not matter anyways as they do not have the votes to enact anything.

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flyingvan said...

The basic assumption is that the government MUST get invloved in healthcare. If you don't agree with that, you're an obstructionist. Until government wakes up and realizes power is like a Chinese finger trap--the harder you try, the worse you make things---we're not going to make real progress. I want to vote for people that will pleadge to do nothing!