February 16, 2010

Just a Thought (GM Dave)

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My wife has caught full-on Olympic fever.

I'm serious about that. She has actually caught Olympic fever. Every freaking time I reach for the remote, she snarls at me like a zombie from Resident Evil.

I keep a shotgun nearby just in case.

Anyway, we were watching some of the events today when a thought struck me.

No, this is not about the luge. Even I'm not that bad.

We were watching the biathlon (which does not involve the sexually confused young women I had expected) in which competitors have to cross country ski and then shoot at targets. They get ten bullets and have to hit ten targets.

How in the hell could you lose this event?

Let's imagine that you're in second place. You're getting close to the finish line and it looks like you don't have time to catch up. All is lost, right?

Oh, wait... You've got a gun.

I'd just shoot the guy ahead of me. Pop, pop, and I'm the winner.

Now, I'm not suggesting I'd kill the guy. That's just plain crazy.

But hit him in the back of the knee or spine or whatever and that gold medal is all yours.

Unless the guy behind you has a bullet left.

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flyingvan said...

Now THAT would boost ratings, even if you used paintball. You'd need strategery, since every opponent taken out would be one less bullet for hitting a target. Maybe Lasertag should be an olympic event. Totally unimpacted by global warming.