February 03, 2010

News Organization of Record

FNC or Fox News gets blasted by liberals as being horribly biased. Further, anyone who watches the show is painted as having a mental handicap at worst. The same groups will fawn over MSNBC, the Huffington Post and Media Matters, laughingly stating these are truth sayers.

Why do people watch the news they watch? One would have to assume it is entertaining and informative and in general reasonable by the given observer.

So which news organization do most people watch? Fox News.

Which only means they are popular, what about Trust in the Information? Fox News again.
Well, that could be due to them catering to conservatives? Public Policy Polling nationwide survey of 1,151 registered voters Jan. 18-19 found that 49 percent of Americans trusted Fox News, 10 percentage points more than any other network. 30 percent of Democrats polled said they trusted the network

Does this mean they are "Fair and Balanced" as they logo? Actually it does.
The non-partisan Center for Media and Public Affairs found only Fox News Offered Obama Historically Normal Scrutiny in 2009.

Lets taking something as politically charged as an election, a biased network would thow in for their ideology right? Apparently so unless your Fox News.
During coverage of the Massachusetts special election, CNN and MSNBC aired only a fraction of the Republican candidate's speech. CNN only ran 26% of Brown's speech 82% of Coakley, while MSNBC aired 37% of Browns 100% of Coakley. Fox News Channel carried 100% of both speeches.

Yeah, well what about Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly? Okay, yes FNC has conservative shows. Those biased shows are doing much better viewer ship then the biased alternatives.

Now for the shocker. I get the bulk of my news from news.google.com. Which is a portal type site for all the news organization. The next place I usually hit is The Telegraph website (it is a United Kingdom site). Next I hit Mother Jones Headlines, then TownHall.com.

If I have some reading time then Newsbusters or Rush Limbaugh. I should note that these sites are a quick read then following the provided source links to re-read.

As far as FNC goes, I occasionally watch O'Reilly. I never have watched an entire show. I will catch the talking heads if there is something breaking in the world or elections that I am watching. Other then that I steer clear of televised news.

So when you hear someone spouting on and name calling the liberal assumption that people in general are stupid. Remember this is the product of intellectual elitism. Do not fall for that.

These folks believe you should live, watch, read, eat, believe, and think like they do.


flyingvan said...

You have to be careful with stats like this. The #1 radio station in our area is a Country and Western station, yet very few people listen to country and western here. It's the only CW station in the area. There are 3 or 4 for hip hop, a few oldies, 4 or 5 contemporary.
Liberal media is split up between ABC, NBC and CBS. And MSNBC, CNN, who knows who else. On the Right, there's Fox.
I believe Conservatism is a fairly narrow definition also, while liberal can mean many, many different things.

Lee said...

I guess my point did not make it through. Fox is a legitimate source for news and commentary. No matter how much some liberals wish it was not.