February 20, 2010

Funny from CPAC

George Will had a good Anecdote during his CPAC speach.

In an elementary school the teacher gave an assignment for the kids to draw a picture about something important to them. As the kids proceeded the teacher would wander viewing what what being drawn. She was curious at one little girls composition. "Suzie what are you drawing?"
"This is a picture of God" Suzie replied.
"But Suzie, no one knows what God looks like" The teacher countered.
"Well, they will in a few minutes" Suzie stated.


keeka said...

That is cool. We do something in our class where the kids are supposed to draw what they think Jesus looks like. Most of the time it looks like any person, stick figures etc. I had one kid one year draw a big grey ball. I asked him what he drew and he said, "the cloud that Jesus lives behind". I loved it! : )

flyingvan said...

I worked with a guy who's small son was drawing the Nativity scene. There was a big fat guy in the back of the picture. Bruce asked who that was---"That's round John Virgin". It's been their Christmas card since