February 17, 2010

President Obama Stimulated!

Last year this time, President Obama signed a nearly trillion dollar stimulus package. This bill kepts our unemployment under 8%. It was targeted spending, pork free, with no fraud! The oversight has been strict and they have provided "Green Jobs" for Americans. The Money helped states weather this recession, these states are rebounding and flourishing!

We should take this Ash Wednesday, to ponder those representatives and elected officials that got this important legislation passed so quickly and provided us with a well thought out plan that helped us so greatly!

Join with me in making sure the Democrats get everything they deserve for their selfless efforts on our behalf!

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flyingvan said...

Well, according to the graph my brother Bob posted on Facebook it's done just that. It shows the sharp decline under Bush and a mirror image recovery under Obama. It's a graph! In ink! SO the recovery happened. We all got raises and have ahigher standard of living. We're all being issued flying cars next week too. Mine's yellow.