February 25, 2010

Quick Hits.

Who is going to pay for health care reform? New York! Applause for their elected representatives!

The wonder of Government Run health care! UK is a model for the US!

Greece is going broke. The USA citizens may get first hand experience!

What happens when you raise taxes on the Rich? They Leave!

Nice someone got a job. $3000.00 an hour! Good work if you can get it!

Do not be discouraged after all the Housing Market is starting upwards!

New home sales leading the US recovery!?

OOOPS! AP must have been spinning earlier!

One would hope that the economists who continue to get their predictions wrong, and the media outlets that carry them, are going to recognize that what the Wall Street Journal and Investors Business Daily have been referring to as "the Uncertainty Economy," has cast a pervasive pall over the entire economy, and must be considered in some way when formulating predictions.

Until it is, we're going to keep seeing "Unexpected Surprises."

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