February 10, 2010


Dollhouse post mortem. The last five episodes when combined with the unaired Epitaph one give you an idea of what the show could have been. To me it appears Joss and FOX bumped heads and, like with Firefly, did not have the intestinal fortitude to hold his creative ground. Instead we got the Imprint of the Week with overt sexual overtones that did not appeal as most of the audience is not voyeurs.

For those who shrugged and voted with the remote, here is what you missed. Echo is able to load past imprints at will. The company behind the Dollhouse designs a way to imprint the world and they do. For the next 10 years as a rag-tag bunch of survivors, Echo and company work to set things right. It is rushed and you get the feeling you missed quite a few episodes. In my way of thinking yanking the fluff episodes that are "required" for a US series and following a storyline would have helped this series.

We are treated to story driven television via the BBC America channel. They do more with a series with less episodes, by focusing on an actual story.

Heroes ended its season and it was tiring seeing the safe, uncreative drivel that crept into this one time favorite. I wonder if, at some point, the production team decides to sacrifice story to stretch out the job as long as possible. Frankly I have a tough time watching any of the CSI shows anymore. They break down into Crime, cute line, montage, plot, montage, close. Most of the show revolves around the exciting world of lab coats.

Juxtapose that with the Children of Earth, Torchwood. The ended of this tale was disturbingly well written. Salvation at such a horrible cost.

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