July 27, 2009

Back to where I started (Eliptically speaking) Part Deux

Damn it was a hot day today. I am sitting here at 11:00 PM and it feels like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are standing nearby.

After Trevor and my morning bike ride, I took a brisk walk the two miles to Tina's work. Connor had finished his school day and Tina was wrapping up hers. We headed off to River Forks park for a dip in the Umpqua. The sand had fused into glass, or nearly so, the souls of my feet reported. The river itself was serene, clear and nicely chilled. Connor enjoyed his goggles and entertained us by requesting various underwater activities from dropping big rocks or sticking our tongues out under the water. I complied, Tina... let me...

Finally I took a swim across the river. I made it without incident but, Michael Phelps has nothing to worry about. From there it was a jog home. After contemplating the less then numerous options we decided on a tried and true downtown Mexican restaurant followed by a respite walking around the shopping mall. The girls shopped, Trevor read books in the book store, Connor and I explored. We met back up for D & C to have a dance, dance, revolution resolution. Connor won (by judges tally).

I do enjoy the family being together like this. Something I missed with Diana being away from Collage.

We ended the night with a date out to see a movie. The Proposal, it was a fun film in a AC theater. Now its cooled down to 90.... ick.

And now with 45 min left before the celestial event passes apogee. I am going to poke around on the net. Maybe play some wow.

Its good to be da king...


Re-Navy!! said...

happy birthday yet again lee!! Glad you guys had fun! That definitely sounds like a GREAT birthday to me! A little of something for everyone!! Glad those 60 pounds didnt follow you this year either! Such a shocking difference to see the photos! PROUD OF YA LEE!!

- Rob said...

I think that one sign of a good parent is when they spend a day that they choose with their family where everyone has a good time and the parent truly enjoys it.

So happy-birthday-and-good-parenting-all-rolled-into-one day!