July 24, 2009

Be informed and active in the Healthcare takeover

We saw President Obama's speech about Health care. Here is more information from the Opposition.

The notion that Government Takeover of Health care being a good idea is ignoring what a fubar'd track record they have when they overstep their charter and ability. Regardless of how I feel, it is up to We the People to inform ourselves and contact our representatives on this matter no matter how our mind is made up.

This is a diagram of how Government run health care will work:

I would direct you to this excellent article from the WSJ. "In January, Oregon’s Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski wrote the Obama administration expressing his concern about its efforts “to scale back Medicare Advantage” because the plans “play an important role in providing affordable health coverage.” He noted that 39% of Oregon’s Medicare patients had chosen Medicare Advantage, and that in “some of our Medicare Advantage plans . . . with proper chronic disease management for such conditions as heart disease, asthma and diabetes, hospitalization admission rates have declined.”"

We the people need to inform ourselves and contact our representatives. Here is a link, please take the 10 minutes to tell them to "GET THIS RIGHT"

We deserve to know what this bill and its Add-On's will do.
We need to demand that government open and transparent.
We need to the government be accountable and make it "impossible" for Congressmen to slip in pork barrel projects, especially in this bill.
All closed door meetings where laws like this are written, Have to release transcripts that are open to the public.
Give We the People 5 days to look at a bill. No Secrecy! We will know what is in it.
And for our sake put every pork barrel project online.

I know its a radical concept, if only one of our leaders would suggest this and follow through... (yeah, Irony)

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