July 30, 2009

Quick thoughts.

With Record Hot weather I wonder how many "Green Thinkers" are not using AC...

I am thinking about buying light bulbs while We the People still have freedom of choice about bulbs.

If Obama was born in 1961 in Kenya he would be a British citizen...

HR #3312 "Reducing the Need for Abortion and Supporting Parents Act." Which means funneling $700 million dollars to Planned Parenthood and similar groups. Which means we could Reduce Racism by giving $700 million to the KKK?

More bike paths would be nice.

If something costs too much, people do not buy that item. Nothing drives prices down faster then competing products.

How much of harried rushing around is caused by unrealistic expectations having be set?

My kids do not drive, I really was not interested in driving when I was there age. My wife likes driving. Good match...

You would think, as we get older, that we would realize that telling someone what to do and being told what too do are equally abhorrent to the recipient.

Anyone resorting to name calling, looses any moral authority.

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