August 03, 2009

Wotta Weekend

First time since our honeymoon Tina and I went out over two nights sans kids. Odder still we had not really, realized that was the case. I guess we are not "We NEED a vacation" types.

Rocky and Jenni got married in Troutdale at a palatial hotel complex called McMenamins Edgefield. This place is a throwback to another time. No TV, No Phones, No AC. Interesting nooks and cranny's, wonderful garden, spa and plenty of spirits.

We left Diana in charge of Connor as she and he have a great affinity for each other. Trevor was busy with the musical and peer age cousin Daniel came up for some busy household time. So our domicile was otherwise engaged with teen entities.

We drove off on Friday morning the three something hours north, stopping for Breakfast at a little Place in Cottage Grove. Made good time. Our plans were highly flexible with some vagueness of going into Portland for some reason. This changed to "Seeing the Columbia Gorge" with some plans to hit Wal-Mart (bout a mile from the hotel) afterward to get some needed accoutrement's.

We did a hike to Bridal Veil falls, then Multnoma Falls. This lead us to take a hike to the top of the falls. It is an easy to follow paved path going uphill at various angles for 11 switch backs for a little over a mile. As often confessed in this blog (probably way to freaking often), I have dropped some 60 pounds of weight and I am constantly discovering benefits that, possibly, should be much more obvious then my dullard grey matter can process. So this hike that had various peoples, in various dress, in various shapes, walking at various speeds and sweating at various volumes of water, had a different impact on my wife and myself. I was entertaining thoughts of running to the top or sprinting every other switchback. She was finding the 98° weather and high humidity a challenge. She also refused my every gallant attempt to put her in a fireman's carry and continue up the hill. Much to her credit and lack of hiking footwear, nary a complaint issued forth from her lips and her Girl scout can do attitude more then made up for the overheated conditions.

At the end of the trail there was a stream with crystal clear, cold water for our footsies. Then we found the observation deck that actually overlooked the 600 plus foot waterfall. Quite spectacular and well worth the hike. Back at the bottom we headed to the hotel, figuring on doing the shopping in a bit after a look see for various family members. This is when he had our LA traffic flashback.

Edgefield is a concert venue and Sugarloaf was performing that evening. This means getting the mile from the freeway to the hotel took forty minutes and successfully eliminated any desire to venture off the property that evening. In short order we ran into my Brother and his wife Nancy, met up at the Wedding Training facility and soon after hit the pub for some grub. This was time spent visiting with various cousins (from my moms side of the family) Tina was charming and a quick study, picking up whom was from what branch of the family. We wound down the evening in the soak pool. I was pretty dang tired and sleep came quickly.

The next morning, my inner alarm woke me up at 5:30ish. I ran into my Brother in the WC. Then I opted for a morning constitutional to the affore mentioned Wal-Mart to secure the previous days traffic delayed chores. As it was morning, and I was feeling pretty spry, I loped into a run, which I was able to maintain the entire mile distance. I even jogged a bit heading back, but the two water jugs made it a tad difficult so I just walked the bulk.


keeka said...

Well, sounds like you had a swell time! Unlike my GS seasoned sister, I would never have attempted the hike in 98 degree weather, regardless of the humidity! I am doing much better in dry heat (Vegas proves that), and I can walk short distances as long as it isn't too strenuous! I prefer to do water type sports when it is hot! If given the chance I will wakeboard, swim and Kayak! We did some of that at the Lake recently and I was very happy!
I am still amazed at how different you look Lee! I finally found some old photos of you to convince the kids you did at one time look very similar to how you look now! They still don't think the new you looks like you! hehe.

Lee said...

Thats the thing, it is the old me.