August 28, 2009


With the Senators passing there has been many newspaper pendents lionizing the Senator. Two more practical writings I read came from Daniel Hannan and Susan Estrich. They have different takes from that of the state controlled press.

As a Catholic Ted Kennedy's have always been a bit of an embarrassment, his stance on abortion and the entire Mary Jo Kopechne incident. Still I want to believe that the soul of Ted Kennedy will see God face to face. I desire this for every soul. I know not all will see God.

That said…

Do rules which apply to all Catholic apply to Sen. Kennedy? He has always seemed to be the Exception. Are there special rules in the Catholic Church for the Kennedy Clan?

Does canon law and liturgical law apply to the Kennedy Clan?

I have seen it written Pres. Obama is slated to give a eulogy during a Funeral Mass for the late Sen. Kennedy. The Rite of Christian Funerals 141 says: “A brief homily based on the readings is always given after the gospel reading at the funeral liturgy and may also be given after the readings at the vigil service; but there is never to be a eulogy.”

The 2000 GIRM 338 says: "At the funeral Mass there should as a rule be a short homily, but never a eulogy of any kind. The homily is also recommended at other Masses for the dead celebrated with a congregation."

Eulogies are inappropriate during a Catholic Funeral Mass. There is no given exclusion. Further, will the sight of the most aggressively pro-abortion President in history giving a eulogy, in a Catholic church… during a Mass… for the most aggressively pro-abortion Catholic Senator give scandal to the Catholic faithful?

This is a very difficult thing to see such a wanton disregard for a groups beliefs.

Much easier is the question of should Sen. Kennedy have a Catholic funeral?

Perhaps. It depends on whether he showed some adequate sign of repentance before his death. We have to be lenient on that point. Given what I have read of Sen. Kennedy’s last hours, I would not oppose this. It is disturbing, due to his decades long unrepentant support of abortion, and the scandal that caused. However, the Church’s law is very lenient. Thanks be to God.

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