August 05, 2009

It is Fair Week!

When you live in a more rural then city location the Fair takes on a different meaning.

Growing up in Orange County SoCal, the Fair was something that held different levels of interest, never a "must see". The rides were not up to par with Disney or Knotts. Who cared about the animals? Gobs and gobs of people and my Mom and Pop would not spring for food.

Here in Oregon the Fair is something that starts with a buzz in the air. People getting ready for various competitions, wondering who is going to perform this year, is there a new ride? Will my old favorite be back?

Living here you meet people and quickly find that you already have mutual friends. The 4H club is active and there is some really great animal shows. The Community really comes together in support. We get some good musical acts as well.

Tracy Atkins, Huey Lewis, Pat Benatar, Alice Cooper etc. The various food court people are run by the local organizations like the Lions Club. We even have free food if you sing a song for it.

Every year the one family member who looks forward to the Fair is Connor. He is big into tradition, certain times of the year you do certain things. He is a tough one to disappoint.

The first time we took him he would have nothing to do with the rides. The next year we had to curtail his wanting to ride the big slide, due to costs. After that we took him on the "ride-all-you-want" Kids day. If you go by admission price .vs. rides rode, we made a killing! He has expanded his repertoire a bit.

His smile makes it all worthwhile.

It's Fair time again!

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