August 04, 2009

Preaching about weight loss.

On March 9th 2005 with the shrewed information about Resting Metabolic Rate from my friend Jack, and how to utilize. I went from around 268 down to 208 (as seen in the above collage).

A few odd things of note. Your mental image of how you look does not always agree with the real world evidence. Also, certain activities have a mental lock of acceptance that will not jibe with reality either. A persons relationship with food, while highly intimate, is easily regulatable. Being hungry and wanting to eat are two very different events. Finally twenty pounds is a lot of difference.

I periodically note that in looking down my vertical is unimpeded by my girth. It is actually a bit disconcerting, the lack of shape with given clothes. Also, a glance at the mirror with give me a second take as my face is not immediately recognized.

Things like bike riding and dancing require a certain amount of strength and stamina. Moving an object via chain, sprockets wheels and pedals becomes easier with less weight. I am starting to believe there is an actual "proper weight" that makes these various movements not only desirable but fun. Like an early morning mile walk to Wal-Mart might become a run. Dancing over the weekend, I was fully expecting to have to sit one out, or to keep a certain pace. I quickly found that any given output of energy was sustainable and I kept. ramping up. This lead to a final conclusion that enthusiasm can make for lots of aches and pains afterwards. Thank goodness for over the counter pain relief meds.

I know I have a fear that I will eat a meal and still be hungry afterwards. It is not rational as food literally surrounds us with its availability. The fact that I can recall long periods of not actually feeling hungry is disconcerting in retrospect. The eating habits of humans have changed while the physiology has remained the same. Three square meals a day is an unimaginable luxury on another part of the globe. Now I have a set point of calories I aim for. I am getting pretty good and recalling calorie counts and the Internet is a great resource for quick look ups.
Finally, it just does not matter how much you eat at one meal. Lets say its your birthday and you just pig out on high calorie, high fat, delicious rich food. Lets say you down 3000 calories (which is a lot of food) for that meal. As long as you eat within your proper range over then next two weeks it will all burn off. If every day is your birthday your putting out pounds.

As simply as I can put it. You burn X calories a day if you just sit around. If that is your average caloric intake and you stay around that weight. If you add calories you add weight, if you subtract calories you loose weight. It is a ten week thing, not a daily thing. Oh and 3500 calories is a pound. (that's 500 a day over a week).

sixteen pounds is just a little less then two one gallon water bottles (the kind with the handles). If you carry those for a mile you will notice in the difference in your gait, knees and endurance. Likewise if your riding a bike. Fun Fact, Lance Armstrong's Tour De France bike weighs less then two gallon jugs of water.

Oh yeah, if you are interested in loosing weight, talk to a doctor for any risks.


Tina said...

The far left photo looks like you stuffed your face with something - but you hadn't...

I'm so proud of you for doing so well with your loss - and the best part is that we have the support and motivation to keep it off.

It's all good!

keeka said...

It is hard to believe that when we see you next you will have gone from the far left photo to the far right photo! Don't be surprised if we all just stare for a while!!

Great Job Lee! Guess what? You now weigh less than Carl (by a good bit if I am not mistaken!)

Get him on the bandwagon would you?
He seems to think that riding his bike once every two weeks or so will make a difference. I am trying to make nice healthy meals but it doesn't help so much when he eats a pint of ice cream for dessert! Sigh....

Lee said...

Trust me when I say he has to make the choice personally.

Despite Tina's example, continued success, encouragement and yes, nagging. She was only able to drag me to tops and I lost about 20 pounds and stopped.

I wanna be around for my self, my kids and my wife for as long as possible.