August 10, 2009

Bike additions

With my bike riding I found I wanted to know how far I went. Turns out this is an area of high technology.

Serious science tech goes into these little bike computers. I got the model shown on the left. It is ebarrassingly low on the innovation scale. As it does not have a gps or elaborate systems for monitoring your health as you ride. Instead it provides the trip miles, trip time and the sum of all trips taken.

Which is pretty much what I wanted. Oh, sorry, it also gives you current speed. It twist locks into a nice frame and has a part on a spoke and a part on the front fork. Took me five minutes to install twice (I kinda made a booboo the first try). The thought occurs you could have this sync with cell networks and track your every bodily function via the internet. That, to me, is worse then twitter.

Yeah, I cannot figure out the draw of Twitter.

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