August 24, 2009

Blizzard Winning WoW movie (with apologies to steve)

Sorry about another WoW posting Steve. This video is an original song by Cranius animated via the wow game engine by Legs. It won the Blizzcon 2009 Movie made by Fans Contest. Congrats to them. (Watching on You Tube in High Def is recommended).

Explanation for those wondering(or just still reading): First a bit of background. The Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, World of Warcraft, is a computer game for the PC and Mac. You are playing with\against a possible 11 million other folks. This is a monthly fee for play and competes directly with televison (but more social) as a form of entertainment.

You create a Character or Avatar, who then explores vast area's of a computer generated world, you can do tasks called Quests, and team up with groups of five to forty people to acomplish some quests. These people are either down the block or on the other side of the world and you interact with them either typing or via voice. As you continue with your Avatar you will gather equipment and abilities that allow you to do more difficult tasks (Levelling). When you play WoW you can choose to be on a server (copy of the world) that caters to actors (Role Players), or plain vanilla (normal), or Player .vs. Player (PVP).

Another aspect of the game allows you to go head to head with other Real Life players or Player .vs. Player (PVP). Playing against another thinking person is much more of a challenge (usually) then playing against the Artifical Intelligence of the computer.

Now relating that to the above Fan Movie. Cranius, the writer\singer of the movie is a big PVP guy and plays on a PVP server. As such he has an acomplished character which has scaled the pinnacle of achievement, This is his Main character. In the video he starts out playing an Alternate character (ALT you can have several alt's for variety). Another player with a higher level (better gear and higher level), kills him in PVP fashion then begins Camping his body. Camping is a way to cause some one Grief in the game, it is considered bad form and can get you a pretty bad reputation.

In the movie the title refers to logging out your Alt and getting your Main to teach someone a lesson.

Hopefully that explination and the Lyrics will tell the rest of the tale.

Oh, if your interested in trying out an online game I can get you a free one week play.


flyingvan said...

The song, "Stop talking about comic books or I'll kill you" keeps playing in my head.
My favorite blog topics are 1) Family updates. 2)pictures and stories from the old days. 3)Home improvement/building updates. 4)Work stuff, including travel 5)Political stuff, including MMGW rants. Looking forward to Alec Baldwin rants.
WoW to me is just like golf. If I took the time to develop an aptitude for it, I'd spend my time with it instead of other things.

Tina said...

I play for all the wrong reasons. I collect clothes & pets. I don't care about the leveling.

I think it's fun to talk to Shoo & Robert each week & catch up on stuff. I doubt we'd manage a 2-hour long phone call twice a week :)

I'm just a rebel.