August 20, 2009

Today (August 20th) in HISTORY!!!

21 years ago this very date, I was fortunate to Marry Tina. I recall it as a perfect summer day in SoCal. She looked gorgous, I looked quite dapper. The ceremony was held at St. John the Babtist Catholic Church, the church of my youth. It was officated by Fr. Joe a long time priest friend (his mom was in attendance).

It was a traditional full mass with the marriage vows. My best man inquired about a script to follow along, me being a typical Catholic figured everyone knew the Mass, after all nearly everyone is Catholic right? Both of our families participated in different area's from readings to book signing, to ring bearer and in the wedding party.

Our Photog was a friend of Tina's who made several thousand quick and fun shots of the group. We then were wisked off to a German Villagish location called Old World for a lively reception, complete with Oom Pa pa band (Jolly Al) that was hosted by my Mother and Father-in-law.

There was a remarkable gathering of friends and family, a group from Germany that Tina knew from her time there, a friend from Austrailia had flown in for the wedding from NYC. Even Tina's wondering cousin Markus made the date. To date the comment we get the most is "You guys had the funnest wedding!" which always makes me smile.

It should be noted that my Nephew John was our ring bearer and it was his Birthday. It is cemented in my memory, as it should be, as a perfect day.

Of course two years later on that exact day our Daughter Diana was born. Making us a family of four (Trevor had been born June the previous year).

August 20th is a busy day. Lots of good things happened.


shoo said...

Congrats to you, Lee, Tina, and Diana! I still remember your wedding was a lot of fun. I especially liked the picture of you asleep on the toilet when you were like 4 or something.

keeka said...

I remember Shoo and Eric Lee rubbing Emily's feet, hehe.
I also remember Steve V commenting on my waterworks when I thought no one had noticed! I kind of lost my best friend that day and gained...well, a lot of comedy! From Lee "funnybones" bro in law to the many humorous antics of the Kiester kids! Good times!

flyingvan said...

Keeka---the waterworks were endearing. I remember Lee trying to dance to 'Blue Danube' in 4/4 time played on a tuba. Good, but then Wolfgang stepped in.
You two were, and remain, a gift to the community

Tina said...

Thanks much. I had a blast at my wedding. I'm glad so many other people enjoyed it too :)

We all have to work at our marriages, but dang - we sure do a lot of laughing in mine!

- Rob said...

Congrats on 21 fun years!

Still waiting for that script...