August 03, 2009

Wotta Weekend (part deux)

Saturday was a good breakfast at the Black Rabbit restaurant. Good tasting food. Tina and Nancy (sis in law) headed to the store to get some stationary, the idea being to better utilize our various Internet connections to stay in better touch cousin-wise. Kraig and I walked the perimeter and found some interesting points of interest. Hole 19 of the golf course being one of them... Nearby there is an airport with vintage bi-plane that seemed to do endless stop and go's. There is neighboring defunct prison as well as an esoteric statue to Jerry Garcia.

Further running into relatives and chats took us up to lunch, we went to a local fresh fast food place (Taco Del Mar). And people started getting wedding ready. I took a tour of the wedding grounds and talked shop with the DJ's. What a difference a couple of decades make. Instead of milk crates of vinyl they have a laptop. I am thinking the mental gymnastics of knowing what track, what album, what crate, is a paradigm lost. Although, the selection is vast.

The wedding was just lovely. It was still a hot point of the day, the sun quickly ducked behind the building and the shade was in place just as the nuptuals began. Jenni was, of course, respendant in her white gown. Rocky all too handsome, the sun still beating on him giving him that sweating apperance. It was a short nice ceremony with Dinner and open bar to follow. We had a delicious vegitarian option, which was a nice suprise, more times then not we are less then enthused. Our table did seem rowdy and fun. Lots of laughter, lots of people. The dancing was a slow start as the DJ's did not seem to read the crowd that well (IMHO having seven undanced songs in a row, is not good)

Once they got there groove it was a good mix with lots of family. I was expecting to require some rest between songs. Turns out I am in much better shape, dance-wise, then I had assumed. So heedless of the years we kicked it up a notch. Lets just say I was very grateful to the the manufactures of pain relief medicine around bedtime. As the wedding was winding down (you can tell by the exodus ranked by seniority of years). Us kin opted to hit the soak pool, which gratefully my feet and legs accepted. It was a busy time in the pool with wedding guests, hotel guests and the occasional obnoxious, swearing drunk.

Tina, Doug, Myrna and I headed to the bar for some shuffle board. Crystal (Myrna's eldest) had joined in with the "younger crowd" at the same place. The Bride and Groom making a noted arrival as well. Finally around 1:30ish we shuffled off to beddy bye.

Sunday morning arrived and knowing my wife as I do, I headed to the sibling porch to read the paper with my coffee (yes, soooo domestic). My sister Karen and Donna joined in, with a picture perfect morning. It was one of those pleasent moments of time. Seeing as Tina was still sleeping, and as she had not hit the eight hour mark and she was driving home later, I did the morning get ready stuff and kibitzed with the cousins in the resturant. (Good Coffee).

The next venture back to the room found Tina bright eyed and bushy tailed. So we headed into breakfast with even more cousins. There were various plans made by various people to head various directions. We said some good byes and finally headed home.

All in all it was a really fun time. I have a hankering to head back there at some point.

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