August 18, 2009

Comming off pain meds

14-hydroxydihydrocodeinone is the good stuff. I have a little bottle for post surgery pain. Wednesday and Thursday I took it on time. Actually later on Thursday I allowed another 30 minutes to pass and witnessed what it was masking. Friday night I did not wake up in the middle of night in pain, In the morning there was an ache that was distracting enough that I continued on.

By Sunday it was as needed and while I took one on Monday, I got my drainage tube removed and have not needed one since. Monday night I had a mutha' of a headache. Ibuprofen did little or nothing to take the edge off. Today I noticed my stomach feels like it has chunks of cardboard inside of it, as well as a duller version of last nights headache. My surgery has occasional discomfort but nothing much.

Last night I pondered if I was "withdrawing" from the medication or at least suffering after effects. I am downing fluids that would impress a camel after a month sojurn. No dry mouth or anything other then a head ache and tummy ache.

It would be nice to get on the bike. Maybe this weekend I'll do a little ride. In the meantime I'm working back into the swing of work.

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Stella by Starlight said...

So sorry about your surgery. I hope you are OK and feeling better.