August 10, 2009


The current debate\dissent is very curious and very telling. In reading the various diatribes and ignoring the histrionics I find myself wondering what the issues actually are.

The cost of health care is too much. When something costs too much what can be done to lower costs? Get more of said service. Supply and Demand.

So how do you get more of said service? Either get more health care professionals or make the health care more efficient.

Anecdotal observation shows that you have more people dealing with Billing in a Doctors office then you do treating customers (patients). That is because of the insurance companies that cut the checks. When I was a kid we would go to the doctor, my Pop would pay them, then he would send in a form to get reimbursed. They had some money in a separate account that they used for this. The doctor got the money up front, so they did not have to staff a bunch of people to deal with the insurance company.

Insurance companies have lots and lots of rules that the government says they have to play by. For instance they have to cover everyone for everything in some cases. That means a grown man would have gynecological coverage or a retired woman could be covered for pregnancy. The upside is if everyone is paying into that coverage the cost for the individual would be less. The downside is everyone is paying for something that some will never ever need in any fashion.

Pre-existing conditions is another problem. If your really really sick, the kind of illness that will cost millions of dollars in a short period of time. If you are applying for insurance to cover that cost there is zero chance any insurance company would want to cover you.

Lawyers can bring suits against Doctors and hospitals at little to no expense for themselves or clients. Doctors have to either fight or settle these claims. The cost of malpractice insurance to cover the costs is sickening. And they have to pass the cost back to the customer.

Then you have those who live hard. They eat too much, smoke too much, drink too much, live on the edge too much. But, not enough to kill themselves. It becomes very easy to judge someones choices and feel they should be made to suffer fate.

Personally, I want to be the one between the Doctor and the Insurance. . I want the insurance companies courting me for my business. I would prefer to cover myself and have my company pay my wages. Leave them free to offer some benefit like supplemental or such. I would like to have free clinics\teaching hospitals. That give treatment options to those less fortunate.

I do see a limited role in government, possibly to provide payment for those truly in need. Those with birth defects and other diagnosable special needs. Maybe offer incentives for the private sector to be philanthropic to this.

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