August 13, 2009

Dock o da bay

I had surgery (not talking about that directly). Now I am in recovery. Most of the dire warnings of what to expect have not occured. There is pain involved, but easily managed and I have some pretty good pain pills and some anti-biotics because infection is the real enemy!

I also have limitations. I cannot do much but hobble around from four area's where I sit. Today I felt like going out to get some Eggs, as we ran out yesterday. I quickly remembered that the pain meds I am on are not supposed to be in your system when you drive.

While I feel okay to drive, I decided not to inflict a lack of judgement on my community. So I check stuff on the internet, watch some TV and eat some food and sleep and the occasional bio break.

So I have a feeling of not participating rather watching the tide come in and go out. At least I am being well cared for.

1 comment:

Tina said...

I appreciate the 'well cared for' comment. I do try :)