August 17, 2009

Being political

Fox News is on the Finge and should not be watched cuz its Skewed to the right!

The most vilified are Hannity, Beck and O'Reilly. They are the most popular news shows on Cable according to the August 12th numbers:

Fox News O’Reilly 3,814,000
Fox News Hannity 3,118,000
Fox News Beck 2,417,000
MSNBC Olbermann 1,243,000
MSNBC Maddow 1,082,000
CNNHN Grace 875,000
CNN Griffin 810,000

This is a long time thing, they have been the most watched for quite a long time. In fact they are gaining in popularity. Which makes you wonder how something mainstream can be considered "fringe?"

My daughter in her wisdom and youth reminded me of the dawning of my political awareness. The other day she was watching Mr. Glenn Beck, my wife inquired as to why, she was happy to see someone on the News who was speaking to what she held as personal political thoughts and it was "very refreshing". I had the same revelation when tuning into Mr. Limbaugh all those years ago.

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