August 05, 2009

Recession is OVER! Dont you believe me??

"You sell what you want to sell by using terms that are comfortable to people within their own experience." -- Saul Alinsky

"'Economic policy is working,' Obama says. His administration says recovery effort has moved from rescue stage to rebuilding." We are in a huge economic mess. The tax receipts revenue to the Treasury is at a 70 year low not seen since the thirties.

The AP is pretty happy about the recession being over. US personal incomes tumbled 1.3% in June, the biggest drop in four years. How did consumer spending go up? Gasoline prices are up you have got to buy it. This is not discretionary spending. Sorry, wrong.

Obama took office with a terrible $10.626 trillion debt. As of July 31st, the debt hit $11.669 trillion. During Bush, it took over 2 ½ years for the National Debt to increase a trillion dollars."

Then again this is "A new era of fiscal responsibility," or so his budget was Titled.

You may be happy, like the French, to know that companies are moving more jobs offshore. I'm not happy with much of anything our Government is doing.

Which is why I strongly urge you to phone, fax or e-mail your representative and explain your position, positive or negative to what is going on.

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