August 31, 2009

Thus Endeth Summer

Today I watched as Connor got into the school bus that takes him to Jr. High School. He skipped and hummed his way across the gravel driveway, sending happy river rock to and fro amidst small puffs of dirt clouds. So happy, such adventure. Of course I am having my own sense of dread, as I do whenever he is on his own.

As a parent worst case scenarios rule the day in our overactive, overprotective minds. When your kid is not festooned with the normal defense's you worry even more about someones malice. In my world view the vast majority of people are decent and helpful. So the bus heads up the hill to make its awkward U-turn, I whisper a prayer, requesting a higher power to intercede.

Tina is working the next town up. I am about two miles away.

The kids are still on hiatus from collage. When they start we will have to figure out how to get him on the bus and off the bus. I can adjust my schedule a bit, Tina has some leeway as well. So that just leaves the no school days when we work to figure out.

Life's little challenges, HUZZAH!

So lessee, I'm almost mended from my surgery. I still have annoyances from same. My job may be gone due to lack of funding in about two years. Tina was able to get a full time job with the school system. My back yard is in need of attention. The economy is sinking Government is growing. We live in interesting times.

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