August 15, 2009

Health Care fight

Some recent readings on this Health Care fight We the People must win.

Too many holes, an essay on promise .vs. what can be delivered.

The truth is getting out there as US citzens are letting it be known they want healthcare reform, not Government Run Healthcare. Latest polls show the US Citizens are winnning.

Town Hall meetings, not a place for dissent or discussion?

American Thinker ponders the Obamacare effect on the Golden Girls.

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flyingvan said...

Just to answer the last---it's an important point that is rarely brought up. The US Constitution spells out the specific powers of the presidency, then the tenth amendment forbids the president to take on national things outside of those. They are left up to the states. Healthcare and Education are NOT among the powers vested in the oval office. There is no constitutional authority for national healthcare