August 06, 2009

Next up to bat!

The plans keep being planned. Events loom, goals are placed, life flows.

Mentally we parse things out into some semblance of a compartmental timeline. At least I do. Prioritizing, fiscal planning and desire to start a project comes next.

My current project is operation: Health. I have some lab tests I have to do on Friday. Next I have a promise to keep Connor, he wants to eat at Round Table Restaurant. So a bike ride to that local is planned for Friday as well.

We have the Fair this week, Saturday being the time Connor and I will attend. I have a cousin Ralph and his wife who should be visiting at some point during the weekend.

Diana has a Convention she is planning on attending. Her Birthday and Tina and My Anniversary later as well.


Price said...

If you want a bike ride you could go to 2901 Dorwin Ave. Roseburg. Thats where that six plex is to be built.Your Brother Kraig

Lee said...

Will do.