July 22, 2009

Umkay just maybe...

I posted some time back my thoughts posed by the inquiry "How do you feel". Which seems obligatory when discussing weight loss. The canned answer is "Why yes, yes I do!"

I don't, or didn't.

That may have possibly changed. Several decades back, I enjoyed climbing things, running up things, etc. This has actually become a named activity Parkour. There was a certain thrill, a rush, if you will, around this.

While walking with my wife the other evening, on a whim, I jumped the large roll off bin the neighbors had left out. I cleared it and re-opened sections of my memories in the process. My bike rides of late have not been the tedious affair of the past either, where I would lament the piston like energy my legs had to produce over and over to get me to my destination.

Quite the contrary. Now it is more that old flying sensation. Bunny hopping curbs and grinding up over the hills at speed. Even when my quads are starting to scream in protest the sight of the top propels me upwards. When I am sitting on the couch watching the tube I will (for fun), flex up and see the definition. It does have a good feeling.

Still, a part of me is getting way tired of 1400 calorie days when I know in my mind I have another 700 I can eat. A part of me wants to re-establish some muscle tone.

My main goal is to eliminate the prescription meds for my Type II. I have a blood test request sitting on my desk waiting. When I drop below 200 I will start to figure out when to go.

My last doctors appointment I was 228. If I am at 198 the next one, just maybe that will be low enough. I hope so anyways.

So I do have moments of feeling great that is related to my weight loss. I catch my reflection at times and do a doubletake. Its weird.

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