December 21, 2009

*facepalm* Common sense was shot off in the war...

Golly, who could ever have predicted that if you throw men and women into a combat zone and put them under prolonged high stress, they would start having sex in their spare time? Or that it would lead to pregnancy? Clearly the answer is to punish women. But not men. Clearly, the answer will soon be to put the blame where it really belongs: on the baby. And the punishment will be, just as clearly, death. Especially, if that one child policy idea really takes off.

It's tough for social engineers trying to create a better world. People *so* won't conform to ideology and keep acting like people. Clearly the solution is to punish the guinea pigs for failure to get with the program and for their ingratitude to the geniuses who are doing all this social engineering while remaining so unappreciated.

Thanks to Marc Shea

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