December 07, 2009

Of Animals.

Defining hypocrisy when it comes to animals can be quite confusing.

First off I am a Vegetarian, for a number of reasons. My personal view is it is a choice and not one that should be forced upon anyone, nor do I think it is superior, other then certain health related aspects when compared to other dietary choices. I do enjoy knowing the positive oblique benefits from my choice. That being said...

A dog being killed (ala Michael Vick). Is ville and horrible. Unless your in Japan where this is legal entertainment. Butchering a horse, is lauded. Yet both Horse and Dog are protein sources in many countries. Pigs are pets and food simultaneously, we do not seem to care about pigs in the same way we do Dogs. Dolphins are highly intelligent and Food in Japan and used to be included in Tuna cans.

So where is the line drawn?

If you travel around the world you find culture's go from eating anything that moves to worshiping animals as sacred. Clearly this is a huge grey area morally and ethically.

In meat production in the USA has difference in Factory Farming to Hunting in the wild. I know hunters who will not buy meat in the store they only eat elk or venison. There is a claim that it is superior and more healthful. One hunter was telling me this over a bucket of Kentucky fried.

How important is animal suffering? This day and age do people really want to know where the food comes from (hint, it does not JUST come from the supermarket). Or is it enough that it is a short trip away? Is there a hypocrisy of ignorance?

Let us take the case of the Vegan Peta member, who is protesting any harm coming to any animal. First off if they own anything made of Leather, you have a case of hypocrisy. Set that notion aside for a moment and say they are consistent in protest message and lifestyle. Let us further say they are a spokes person and equate meat consumption with rape.
That is a pretty hard line harsh line.

Natalie Portman is the person I described above. Her hypocrisy? Supporting Roman Polanski.

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