December 24, 2009

That Christmas Spirit

Once upon a time, I recall, the holidays were just so much problem and hassle. Go here, get this, go there get that, did I get this for that? Should I get that for this? Is this "that"? This, this, this, that, that, that, the other thing.

Then comes those nattering nabobs of negativism. Those poisonous people who can persuasively call you to their way of thinking. "Commercialism!", "Consumarism", "Hypocritcalism"! Soon you can find yourself joining in the chorus of humbug.

Tis the season to be Jolly. There is so much more to focus on, you can forget that. It requires an inner flame to see this time for what you know to be true.

Peace on earth, requires inner peace. Goodwill towards mankind requires effort at an individual level, starting at home. You can just bleat out the phrase, meaning is paramount to be human.

Whenever the wrongheaded view of the season rears its ugly head, it is easily vanquished these days. Tina, my much wiser then I, wife is the keeper of Christmas flame. Her joy is infectious. Which is why I love her.

Merry Christmas Honey!


shoo said...

And a very merry Christmas it is...enjoy the holidays my friend.

keeka said...

Well said Lee! Merry Christmas!

I have a bit of a humbug in our house, but I think I have enough Christmas spirit for all of us, the kids just skip along with me!

On a reflective note, I think the humbug would be less so if I didn't like the giving part so much! $$ oops.

Tina said...

Thanks hon - I know it's a lot of work, but I really believe it builds up over time.

I love our photo cards for the last 20 years. I love how we do the Open House every year & never know who will show up. I love our traditions and the memories we create with them (like Connor getting a six-pack of bottles of root beer). Thanks for keeping up with me :)

Love you!